My campaign platform is focused on the unique dynamics of the 68th Ohio House District, and I’m committed to engaging residents, local governments, area chambers of commerce, superintendents and educators, farm bureaus, and local non-profits to identify ways to improve our region. Accordingly, here are just a few of my policy priorities for the 68th District and my stance on several issues:


Economic Development

I am proud to carry the Ohio Chamber of Commerce’s official endorsement, and look forward to advocating policies that promote economic growth and prosperity throughout our state. With so much positive economic momentum in our region, we need to ensure we have the relationships in Columbus to help steer resources towards infrastructure projects, job creation endeavors, and overall quality of life improvements in Delaware and Knox Counties. As State Representative, I will be a champion for our local communities, facilitating discussions between the state and our area businesses, our two counties, and our local governments to ensure that the 68th district – and Ohio overall – is a welcoming, vibrant, and stable place to do business.


Combating the Drug Epidemic

The proliferation of drugs, especially heroin, throughout Delaware and Knox Counties is a snapshot of a greater statewide crisis. Not only is heroin abundant and more widely available in our communities, it has also become a cheaper alternative to alcohol to achieve a high. Furthermore, this problem spans many aspects of daily life. It is a crime issue, with petty theft and property crimes spiking dramatically as desperate addicts look for any means to feed their addictions. It is also a workforce issue, with many quality job openings remaining unfilled due to the lack of qualified applicants who can pass a drug test.

Combating this epidemic must be done in a holistic manner. From a crime perspective, law enforcement agencies at all levels need to have the necessary tools to root out and disrupt trafficking activity. From a judicial standpoint, our judges need the flexibility and resources to establish drug courts and steer drug offenders towards a path to recovery. With Ohio’s annual incarceration costs at $50,000 per individual, we must focus on jailing those fueling drug problems rather than their victims. Finally, we must ensure that there are adequate, accessible, and affordable recovery systems in place to provide people the treatment they need while continuing to work and create stability in their lives. Drug treatment options such as Vivitrol, which combats cravings and aids withdrawal, should be made both widely available and affordable. Local first responders all need to be equipped with drugs like Naloxone to immediately treat and reverse overdoses. Drug abuse is devastating lives and communities across the state, and I’m committed to a comprehensive approach to this problem.


Education & School Funding

Whether it’s through public schools, private schools, parochial schools, charter schools or homeschooling, every child in this state deserves access to whatever educational model best resonates with them and inspires learning. State involvement must be minimal in this effort, with curriculum decisions and teaching methods best deferred to our local school boards, educators, and parents.

I am also committed to working towards a more stable formula to calculate and distribute state aid to our districts. Every two years, our school districts must go through a chaotic process of not knowing how much state aid they will receive. With state funding being a substantial part of district budgets, the difference between flat-funding or a moderate increase is monumental. This unpredictability makes it next to impossible for districts to create long-term financial forecasts, strategize future millage needs, and ensure the solvency of local levies. Providing a greater measure of certainty to our local school districts will ultimately provide the taxpayers with more certainty and allow for greater local control over district needs.


Protecting Life

I’m deeply honored to have the formal endorsement of Ohio Right to Life in this race. From the unborn to our growing population of elderly, as State Representative you can count on me to respect and defend the sanctity of life. This extends further than just reducing the number of abortions in Ohio, it’s about ensuring that single parents have adequate support networks and parenting tools, facilitating adoption efforts to place children into loving, stable families, and promoting healthy relationships in order to avoid unexpected pregnancies.


Gun Rights

I am a member of the National Rifle Association, and a firm believer not just in the 2nd Amendment but also in Article 1.04 of Ohio’s Constitution, which ensures our right to bear arms for our defense and security. I will safeguard our fundamental right to protect our lives, families, and property through gun ownership. I will fight any attempt to restrict our Constitutional rights or limit the freedoms of law- abiding citizens.


Empowering Local Government

As a two-term Genoa Township Trustee, I can attest that the most effective, responsible, and responsive government is government closest to the people. Whether it’s involving roads, sewer, water, public safety, parks or zoning, local government decisions factor more into our daily lives than at any other level. The 68th district is unique in that most of our population resides within townships (29 total, with 7 in Delaware County and 22 in Knox County), rather than in cities or villages. Given that townships are limited only to those powers granted under Ohio Revised Code, many innovative ideas at the township level are often hindered. As State Representative, I will be someone who understands firsthand the duties of our local officials, will consider the impact of state policies on local governance, and will strive to empower local officials to find ways to provide responsive, quality, and cost-effective services.